4 great reasons why every family should book a lifestyle photography session

Melbourne lifestyle photography sessions for family and newborns.

Unless you have been for a while in submerged in the photography ecosystem, you would probably think that all photographers are the same: just grab a machine and push a button. Well, it’s not that simple.

There is a type of photography called “LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY” and it represents an in between the totally posed advertising agency type of images and a full documentary National Geographic style of image, and that is lifestyle. During your newborn lifestyle photography session or your family session, we will have some formal portraits where everyone is looking at the camera, but we will also have in between moments that are genuine and emotional. Guided by prompts and actions I will aim to record the interaction that you have with each of the members of your family and we will aim to get as wild as we can, with belly laughs and fun moments. My aim for your session is to record where you are at in this point in your life.

So here are 4 great reasons why you should prefer this type of sessions:

  1. RELAX - If you decide to have the session at home we can chill out and have breaks if there is a melt down. Kids are in their natural environment and familiar surroundings and therefore tend to be more relaxed.

  2. SINCERITY - You are who you are and we should embrace it to find happiness and acceptance, if you keep waiting to have the perfect home or to look the perfect way life will pass you by and there will always be another reason to put off recording these memories and your children will no longer be this little.

Melbourne lifestyle family photographer

3.- ORGANIC - Lifestyle photography for me is a “go with the flow”kind of approach, I am led by the children, I interact with them and ask them to do actions and games, but if they don’t want to engage or prefer a different activity form what I suggest then that’s ok too and I will adapt my shooting to fit them and their mood .

4.- TRAVEL LIGHT means more flexibility on locations and less daunting on the kids. Most studios use strobe lighting that involve flashes and lights and that can all be daunting for the toddlers and babies. I work with natural light and therefore I can move better and interact more with the children.

I hope that this insight on my work and the world of Family lifestyle photography and newborn lifestyle photography will help you to make a decision when booking your next photography portrait session. If you have anything to add or if you would like to discuss further drop me a line or leave a comment below.

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