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As you are about to embark in the emotional roller coaster that is becoming a parent, now is the time to ask yourself about LEGACY and everything that will be left behind for your kids. My girls were born in a short space of time between day, so my days were crazy trying to keep everyone fed and clean, and looking back I deeply regret not taking more photos with myself and them in it. Just like too many of us, I was always thinking that I should wait until I finally lost those kilos or changed this or that, but really those days will never come back and they are babies for less than a year, and that is such a short time!

Melbourne newborn photography the lifestyle approach

What is a lifestyle newborn Photography session?

Lifestyle photography is a cross roads between documentary and traditional posed photography. Through prompts and games I aim to interact with you in a way that will help me to tell your story and the stage that you are now in your life, while also having natural emotions and reactions and moments that unfold naturally and not forced. Newborn lifestyle sessions in Melbourne will take place in your home, this allows everyone to be more relaxed and if you have to change (because poo explosions and baby vomit become the norm of the day), or take a break to feed you can do it in your home.

In home lifestyle newborn photography in Melbourne, let me tell your story
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Melbourne newborn: When is the best time for a newborn photoshoot?

Many photographers talk about the “10 day rule”, some will indeed refuse to photograph a baby that is older than 10 days and that is due to the posing and the intricate newborn poses, these take several hours to be achieved in the controlled environment of a studio. Lifestyle photography is a lot more flexible and as mentioned before my aim if to record your story of what your family looks like now, keeping it natural and organic and deeply grounded in reality and looking for the beauty in the everyday. So if you take a bit longer to recover from the birth, then that’s totally ok to schedule your session a bit later.

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Melbourne Newborn Photography: How to prepare for your in-home newborn photography session?

As a mother of 2 girls, I know only too well how much of a never endless task is to keep the house neat, and I don’t expect you to change your routine for your session. The rooms that I will use for your photography session will depend on the light on the day, I tend to use the rooms that get the most natural light. Some of the rooms to be considered at the master bedroom and the nursery if you have one. If you are looking for guidance on how to prepare for your session here are a few extra tips:

  • Try to use linen that is neutral and without patterns

  • Hide the mess, maybe just move everything to one side of the bed, that is totally fine

  • Relax … if you didn’t get to clean one of the room, we can always make it work just in the living area

Melbourne lifestyle newborn and family photography

Melbourne lifestyle newborn photography: What do you wear?

If you are wondering what you should wear for a newborn shoot, here are a few elements to guide you.

  • Try to keep it simple and stick to neutral colours.

  • Avoid Neon colours and clothing with writing on it.

  • Make sure that all your clothing is comfortable and avoid new shoes on the day of your session.

  • Remember to think about movement, flowing skirts can add a a beautiful element to your images.

If you need more of a visual guide, here is a board on Pinterest to help you to combine outfits for your newborn session.

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Fran Jorgensen is a Professional newborn Photographer. Sessions are available in Melbourne Metro. If you have any questions please send me an email, I can’t wait to meet you and to tell your story!